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Championing the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada.
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Accelerate Your Career – Expand Your Expertise

Clients are coming to you for more than investment advice. They have questions about insurance, tax, debt management, different investment vehicles and more. Whether you work with a team or provide advice independently, put yourself on the path to providing holistic answers by taking the courses you need to become a QUALIFIED ASSOCIATE FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Expand on your IIROC advisor success by accelerating your career and providing advice for today’s speed of life.

According to a 2023 FP Canada™ survey, QAFP professionals are very satisfied in their careers with 93% responding very satisfied or satisfied.

Coloured infographic showing the chronologically ordered steps required to earn a Qualified Associate Planner Certification. The infographic is titled: Direct Path to QAFP Certification. Above each step, a banner reads: One year of qualifying work experience and post secondary diploma. The first step on the path is Technical Education - Fundamentals, followed by QAFP Professional Education Program, followed by QAFP Exam, resulting in QAFP Certification. The final step reads 12 CE Credits per Calendar Year. 

Note: Completion of an FP Canada - Approved Core Curriculum Program meets the Technical Education - Fundamentals requirements. The infographic lists the courses in the program. They are Financial Management, Insurance and Risk Planning, Retirement Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning and Law for Financial Planning. Step

I enjoy my clients and I want to help them. It (having the QAFP certification) really empowers you when you have clients that say I trust you with my money.

2023 advisor survey

Benefits for you and your clients.

Avoid searching high and low for courses, CE credits and learning options. You can choose the easiest path to QAFP certification and CE at the FP Canada Institute. You’ll acquire the technical skills you need to provide holistic financial planning across the spectrum of a client’s financial life, and you’ll develop the deep professional skills you need to sustain mutually beneficial relationships.

  • Certification education bundles are designed specifically for you. Yes, that means we take into account the education you already have.
  • QAFP professionals are an excellent match for a new generation of wealth builders.
  • Your book of business will grow as your clients grow and their financial lives become more complex.
  • Education is designed to speed learning and integrate skills.
  • Course content developed by working CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals.
  • You can also bridge efficiently to CFP® certification as your career grows and opportunities arise.

There’s no question (QAFP) is a good proposition. CE credits are a requirement for licensing, and I want value for my money with CE credits, I want to be able to add my value to my business relationships. I think this QAFP can offer that connection.

2023 advisor survey

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Earn CE Credits as you Study for Certification.

You don’t have to run around looking for CE credit courses or worrying about the value of those courses any more. The courses you take today at the FP Canada Institute™ fulfill your education obligations while counting toward your QAFP® certification.


Save time and money by choosing tailored learning bundles from the FP Canada Institute.

Technical education and professional relationship education are now offered on a clear, direct path to certification by Canada’s most trusted partner in professional planning.