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Championing the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada.
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Picture your career as a professional financial planner.

Professional financial planners work for Canadian banks, wealth management companies, investment companies, insurance firms and as independent entrepreneurial practitioners. The scope of employment opportunities is almost endless. You can choose between large corporations with lots of room to grow or smaller boutique firms where your expertise and skills can shine.

But more important than where you work is the group of people you work for and with, side by side: Your clients. Professional financial planners choose this career path because they want to help people. Their best days are when their clients achieve financial well-being: Confidence in the future, resiliency for today, prepared for whatever the future holds.

To achieve that, professional planners need to do more than recommend investments. They need to understand wills, savings vehicles, insurance, tax planning, estate planning and even family dynamics. Professional financial planners become the trusted partners in each client’s entire financial journey.

It’s a significant obligation. It is also rewarding beyond well-paying positions and almost unlimited career possibilities. You get to see families grow, and with the right relationship skills, you become a part of their success.

“I’m a financial architect – I create financial foundations for families and individuals. It’s something we build together.”

About FP Canada™

Established in 1995, FP Canada is a national not-for-profit education, certification and professional oversight organization working in the public interest. FP Canada is dedicated to championing better financial wellness for all Canadians by leading the advancement of professional financial planning in Canada.


  • Advice for today’s speed of life
  • An ideal match for a new generation of wealth builders
  • Education tailored for career acceleration
  • A direct bridge to CFP® certification when the time is right


  • The world’s gold standard in financial planning
  • A perfect match for high net worth clients and clients with complex financial scenarios
  • Positions you to help clients live life confidently
  • The world’s most recognized financial planning certification